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Wireless Internet Howard City MI

Wireless Internet Service in Howard City, Michigan

Imagine having a super-fast, wireless broadband internet connection that is portable and goes with you wherever you travel in Howard City and beyond. That is possible today with wireless internet Howard City, MI. There are no terrestrial lines needed (such as phone line, cable line or fiber-optic line) as the internet signals are transmitted via radio waves through the air. So, you get an on-the-go wireless internet connection that is as fast as broadband internet at your home. Plus, with wirless broadband, you have the built-in advantage of all your internet-enabled devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, computer, XBox, etc...) being able to access the internet simultaneously.

Ready to upgrade to super-fast wireless broadband? How Wireless Internet works:

Wireless broadband internet is super fast and very simple to use. And if you have a mobile broadband card or portable broadband unit, you have the flexibility and freedom to take your high speed internet connection anywhere you go. Wireless internet service in Howard City MI runs off of a fast 3G connection or a super-fast 4G connection and is available throughout the country. The connection is reliable and very secure, using the latest encryption. Most wireless internet plans are Plug & Play, meaning you simply plug in the equipment, turn it on and you are instantly online. This is really a great benefit to wireless internet, as they are not installation costs.

Factors to consider when selecting a broadband wireless provider

Be aware that many wireless internet providers have data caps or restrictions. This is particularly true if you decide to go with a mobile broadband provider where you purchase a dongle with your internet plan and plug it into your laptop. Also, you will want to see how far you are from your wireless internet provider's signal tower. You an usually check this online with a signal coverage map. Generally speaking, you should expect a weaker signal if you are on the fringe or outlying areas of the provider's coverage zone.

Wireless Internet Providers Howard City MI

There are two main broadband wireless internet providers in Howard City MI. They are CLEAR and BroadbandBLUE. Both run off of 3G and 4G signals. BroadbandBLUE has the advantage of being available in rural markets. Both broadband internet providers offer an unlimited usage policy (no data cap). Both providers also offer mobile internet systems that are portable. BroadbandBLUE has one plan with a monthly cost of $89 and an up-front activation fee. CLEAR has four different plans that vary in pricing, ranging from $35 per month to $100 per month. With this type of wireless internet connection, your internet connection is not limited to a single laptop device as it is with a mobile broadband connection.

Aside from these "dedicated wireless internet providers", there are also mobile broadband providers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. There are a wide variety of plans with these wireless broadband providers in Howard City Michigan, but they all offer plans that are add-ons to their cell phone plans whereby your internet connection comes from tethering your cell phone (or a dongle) to your laptop.

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