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WildBlue Internet Carmichael, CA

WildBlue Satellite Internet in Carmichael

WildBlue Internet

Get WildBlue Internet Service Today

WildBlue Internet in Carmichael, California gives you speeds up to 30 times faster than dial-up internet. Many people rely on WildBlue Internet for a wide range of activities, from checking e-mail to conducting business. This includes business owners who have another source of internet, but use WildBlue for its speed, redundancy and reliability.

Subscribers who want decent speed have to use broadband Internet. Unfortunately, only those residing in urban areas could access the service in the past. People in the rural areas had to rely on dial-up connections. However, WildBlue Satellite Internet now gives them the opportunity to get the same services as their urban-dwelling counterparts.

Users can access WildBlue Internet from almost every part of the US. Whether you need a fast Internet connection for office or home use in sparsely populated regions, the WildBlue will serve you well.

WildBlue Satellite Internet                    WildBlue Internet Service

WildBlue Satellite Internet Service

WildBlue provides Internet service to users who are in rural areas of Carmichaelthat cannot be served by either DSL or cable Internet services. It allows users to enjoy fast Internet irrespective of their locations. The provider uses two satellites that communicate through 11 gateways located in different parts of the US and Canada. This vast network allows the satellites to maintain constant contact, which means a strong, reliable internet connection for you. WildBlue customers will get a mini dish that receives and sends signals from and to the satellites respectively. The signals are connected via cables to a WildBlue modem that convert the signals so the user can access the high-speed internet service. WildBlue is the leader in rural internet Carmichael, CA.

WildBlue Internet Pricing

Many people are put off as soon as they hear about broadband satellite Internet in the mistaken belief that it is too expensive. Although WildBlue Internet allows the subscribers to enjoy blazing speeds, the service is quite affordable.

You will receive all necessary pieces of equipment to use the service for only $99.95 plus handling and shipping. This low price includes everything needed, from the mini-dish to the modem. You can start enjoying WildBlue Internet for $49.95 only per month.

What Do You Need To Use WildBlue Internet Service?

One of the great advantages of WildBlue Satellite Internet service in Carmichael, CA is that it can be accessed from almost any Mac or windows computer. Here are the minimum requirements:
  • Operating System: A recent OS, including OS X and Windows 2000
  • Processor Speed: 200 MHz
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • An Ethernet port
There are high chances that your computer meets these minimum requirements if you bought it in the past few years.

Get All You Need with WildBlue

Think of any perk you can get from an Internet provider and WildBlue Satellite Internet will have it. For example, you will get Web space that you can use for either business or personal sites. What’s more, all new subscribers will use the F-Secure antivirus free of charge for a whole year. We have you protected at WildBlue Satellite Internet Carmichael, CA!

Get started by learning more today. Call us at 1-855-410-2803!

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