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VoIP Phone Service Vermillion, SD

VOIP Service in Vermillion South Dakota

VOIP Service Vermillion, SD

Since 2004, Voice over Internet Protocol in Vermillion, South Dakota has allowed millions of people to connect with others all around the world. Voice over Internet Protocol, which is more commonly known as VoIP, has been an important tool for people to talk with friends, family and others from anywhere they have access to high speed internet without having the need for a telephone.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP in Vermillion, SD delivers voice communications using the internet. This is done by digitizing the analog voice signal and encoding and transmitting this as Internet Protocol packets. These packets are received and then decoded and converted to the signal that is appropriate for the call's final destination. These calls do not require a special phone. However, VoIP telephones do exist. One can also place a VoIP call via a conventional phone connected to an adapter, or one can even place the call by simply using a computer.

VoIP vs. Other Phone Services

VoIP possesses both similarities and differences to traditional phone service.


As with traditional phone service, customers can make calls to anywhere in the world from their location in Vermillion, South Dakota. It also does not matter whether the number being called belongs to a landline or mobile phone. With VoIP, you receive good sound quality as you would a traditional phone. People receiving a phone call from you won't be able to tell that you are using VoIP for the call. When you use a VoIP phone or a regular one with an adapter, you can also receive phone calls just as you would a traditional phone. Just as with traditional phone service, customers can enjoy a variety of calling plans and features.


Unlike with traditional phone service, you must have an internet connection in order to use VoIP. That means that, should the power go out, your service will likely go out as well. Another difference is that VoIP calls do not require any phone lines. That affords a level of portability that traditional telephone service just does not offer. One drawback of this, however, is that this can complicate calls to 9-1-1, since the location of the phone call cannot be easily identified by operators. Instead, if the information is transmitted at all, it will provide the location where the service is registered rather than where the caller is physically located at the time of placing the call.

VoIP Service Providers

Today, customers have many VoIP providers in Vermillion SD from which to choose when it comes to VoIP phone service. The services, plans and prices vary by provider. One benefit of VoIP is that you are not restricted to only providers in your area. Instead, you have the freedom to choose the provider that is right for you regardless of location. When exploring a provider, you will need to ask certain questions. For instance, what equipment will you need in order to use the service? What is the provider's policy for 9-1-1 calls? What happens if there is a power outage? Will you have to pay any installation fees? What areas are included in their calling plans?

One of the first companies to bring VoIP phone services to residential customers was Vonage. This company, which is still popular, provides service to customers worldwide. Vonage is not the only VoIP service provider though. AT&T, Exede, RingCentral, Vocalocity and BabyTel are other popular providers in Vermillion.

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