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Satellite Internet CA

Satellite Internet Service in California

In some areas of California, dial-up has long been the only choice in town. However, that is no longer the case. Regardless of where you live, you can enjoy better internet. Say goodbye to dial-up. Now, your entire household can enjoy high speed satellite internet service.

Unlike with dial-up, multiple users can enjoy the service at the same time. There is no more waiting until someone else is finished with the internet before you can use it, and your phone line will no longer be tied up when the internet is in use.

How Satellite Internet Works

Enjoying high speed satellite internet in CA with a provider such as HughesNet, Exede or WildBlue is easy. While the idea of satellite internet service may seem daunting, there is no reason it need be. Equipment, set-up and use are all easy. All you need is a satellite dish, internet modem and a few cables.

Your satellite broadband works by your dish sending a signal to the satellites that are orbiting our planet. This signal is then relayed back to your dish and sent to your computer via the modem. Set-up of the service is easy. A trained technician will come to your home and perform the installation for you. All you need to do is call to make the appointment and be home at the appointed time for installation and system activation.

Exede, HughesNet and WildBlue: 3 Top Choices

Two companies that lead the industry when it comes to satellite broadband throughout California are HughesNet and ViaSat. These two providers both have a proven track record of bringing high speed internet service to customers throughout the nation. ViaSat has two brands through which they offer their service: Exede and WildBlue.

These companies have moved satellite internet service in California forward. While satellite internet used to be unwieldy, using the service has now become streamlined. Gone are the days of having to use both satellite dish and telephone line in order to send and receive information. Today's modems both upload and download information, allowing for easy two-way data transmission.

Great Price No Matter Where You're At

Even if you are in a very rural location, you can enjoy having satellite broadband CA. We can help you find the best deals for your high speed internet. All you need to do is simply use our search-and-compare tool, and you can see a side-by-side comparison of the options available in your area.

Get started today by calling us at our toll free number, or you can use our secure search form above.

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Satellite Internet Providers in Various Cities in California

Hawthorne, CA        Holly Park, CA        Hollyglen, CA        Antioch, CA        North Long Beach, CA        Livermore, CA        Norwalk, CA       
Hancock, CA        Palms, CA        Alameda Pt, CA        Echo Park, CA        Edendale, CA        Silver Lake, CA        Pacific Beach, CA       
Carmichael, CA        Bay Point, CA        Pittsburg, CA        Port Chicago, CA        West Pittsburg, CA        Rimpau, CA        Brookhurst Center, CA       
Bell Gardens, CA        Cudahy, CA        Spanish Flat, CA        Bellflower, CA        South Gate, CA        Laguna Woods, CA        Oakwood, CA       
Mar Vista, CA        Corralitos, CA        La Selva Bch, CA        La Selva Beach, CA        Pajaro, CA        Royal Oaks, CA        Watsonville, CA       
Los Feliz, CA        Bostonia, CA        Crest, CA        Encino, CA        Victorville, CA        Fontana, CA        Costa Mesa, CA       
Fort Macarthur, CA        Ft Macarthur, CA        San Pedro, CA        Terminal Island, CA        La Habra Heights, CA        La Habra Hgts, CA        La Habra Hts, CA       

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