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Exede Internet Hinton, WV

Exede Internet

Exede Satellite Internet in Hinton, WV

Welcome to a new kind of internet in Hinton! Exede is the exciting new next-generation, lightning-fast satellite internet service from ViaSat. And it's available in almost every part of the country right now!

No matter how you use the internet, with Exede your Internet experience just got a lot faster - and richer! Now you can watch stream movies and download videos and music up to 4x faster than the average DSL speed!*

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Although the residents in the rural parts of America have been using satellite Internet services for about two decades, the maximum speeds were still pathetically slow compared to cable Internet and DSL broadband - in spite of what the providers had promised. Fortunately, Exede satellite Internet Hinton, WV has changed this. Exede is the next-generation satellite broadband from ViaSat, the provider who brought rural America WildBlue Satellite Internet service.

The only option that the rural residents of Hinton had was to use the old-fashioned satellite Internet if they wanted so-called fast Internet. However, the service has been significantly slow compared to cable and DSL services. The speeds were admittedly faster than dial-up connections but users still had difficulties with such things as intensive Internet gaming and VoIP services. The issues had to do with speed, latency and capacity.

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Exede Internet has now made it possible for the rural residents of Hinton, West Virginia to enjoy the same speeds that DSL and cable users get. The system uses revolutionary technology in the satellite Internet industry. The subscribers can get high speeds of up to 12 Mbps.

It does not matter anymore how remotely one lives in Hinton. Everyone has now the opportunity to enjoy the highest Internet speeds possible. Exede Internet uses advanced ViaSat satellite and ground network.

Exede Satellite Internet

Exede Internet has revised Fair Access Policies and increased the threshold limits up to 25 GB a month. This allows customers to enjoy such data-hungry things like downloading different types of multimedia content and streaming video. They just need to choose the right data plan for their uses.

High speeds and lots of bandwidth allow the subscribers to use their preferred VoIP services, including Vonage and MagicJack. ,Cutting the cord', as it were, is no longer the preserve of the urban dwellers. Depending on their uses and preferences, the rural residents can also make most, if not all, of their calls through their computers.

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Enjoy Exede Internet at the Right Price

Do not be put off when you hear that Exede Internet service makes use of revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art equipment. The service is cheaper than you would expect. Starting at only $49.99, the plans are the same as or even cheaper than the older satellite services that are relatively slower.

Of course, Exede Internet Hinton also has its limitations. For one, it is still not possible to enjoy interactive online gaming. Other online games will be fine, but "fast-twitch" online gamers may experience frustration.

In spite of these drawbacks, Exede internet serivce is still the leading and fastest provider of broadband Internet provider in the rural parts of America. Even people in affected areas still get more than twice the speed of conventional satellite Internet service in Hinton, WV.

Exede Internet Service

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Exede Satellite Internet

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