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DSL Internet Dalecity, VA

DSL Internet Service in Dalecity, VA

DSL in Dalecity is an easy and reasonably-priced way to get high speed internet service. DSL is a proven technology that has been utilized for many years as a way to bring internet to people. Today's DSL internet boasts even better performance and more reasonable cost than in the past.

How DSL Internet Service Works

"DSL" is short for "digital subscriber line." Like dial-up internet service, DSL utilizes phone lines in order to transmit data in the Dalecity, Virginia area. However, unlike dial-up, DSL provides fast internet service. Plus, it does not tie up the telephone line when the internet is in use.

DSL internet service requires minimal equipment. In order to use DSL, your computer needs to be connected to a modem, and the modem needs to be connected to a telephone jack. This enables the transmission of digital data over the telephone lines, which is then sent to a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier (DSLAM) that routes requests between computers and the internet.

The service does not affect your ability to use the telephone, because the two use different frequency bands. A filter installed on the phone lines serves to block the higher frequency sounds from the computer.

There are two different types of DSL available in Dalecity. Asynchronous DSL (ADSL) and Synchronous DSL (SDSL). The former, ADSL, gives you a download speed that is faster than the upload speed. The latter, SDSL, offers download and upload speeds that are the same - or "in sync."

Dalecity's Top DSL Internet Providers

In Dalecity, VA, there are two primary providers of DSL internet service. These providers are Verizon and AT&T.

Verizon DSL is widely available throughout the U.S. and is one of the largest service providers in the nation. It provides customers with high speed internet, 4 GB of web space for a personal website, always available live technical support, a free wireless router and a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition to internet service, customers can also obtain fiber optic television through Verizon.

AT&T has long been known as one of the nation's major providers of long distance telephone service. With AT&T DSL, customers get the service that they have come to expect from the company that has become a major provider of not only telephone services but digital TV and internet as well.

Customers in Dalecity can enjoy AT&T DSL service regardless of whether they choose to have home phone service with the company. AT&T also includes online video and photo storage, 24/7 customer service and AT&T Internet Security Suite.

Find the Best DSL Deals in Dalecity

Let us help you find the best deal on DSL internet in Dalecity. With our search-and-compare technology, we can provide you with what you need to find the right DSL provider in a matter of mere minutes. See the providers, plans and prices for your area of Dalecity, Virginia.

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